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Our organization provides a variety of services that promote our goals of suicide prevention education, reducing stigmas, raising awareness of mental health struggles and providing trainings.


Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards creating a community in which all members value their lives.

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Position Description 

The Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition is committed to reducing the loss and suffering caused
by suicide and suicidal behavior in Juneau. The Coalition offers information, youth
programming, and education about issues relating to suicide, as well as support to families and
community members who have lost loved ones to suicide. It is our hope that through our
efforts we can lessen the incidence of suicide and the stigma associated with suicide and
suicide loss.

The coalition has over 50 volunteers who contribute to our work in various ways, including:
- Planning Outreach Events
- Responding after a Suicide Death
- Promoting Equity and Anti-Racism
- Facilitating Suicide Prevention Trainings
- Supporting Positive Mental Health in our Community
- Attending Community Events on behalf of the Coalition
- Creating a Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan and Ensuring Adherence to the
Strategic Plan
- Be an Active Advocate for Suicide Prevention within the Members’ Personal and
Professional Circles.
- Contribute to Youth Presentations and Programs (such as Sources of Strength in our
high schools)

In addition to the volunteers, the coalition has four employees who are responsible for the day-
to-day operations of the work.

Staff and volunteers mix to form three main bodies within the coalition:
The Coalition: Anyone who is a member (membership is open to anyone interested) can
contribute to our planning sessions for outreach events. Coalition members also share
resources and receive updates from community partners. Staff are responsible for the planning
and execution of plans that arise from coalition meetings.

Postvention: A closed committee of volunteers who respond when there is a suicide death in
our community.

Steering Committee: A group of 9-13 members who synthesize the input from our coalition to
create a strategic plan, review progress on the strategic plan, monitor the budget and discuss
any issues that don’t fall under the guise of the whole coalition or the postvention committee.

The stated purpose is to:
- Ensure coalition members are heard when planning coalition activities.
- Ensure the coalition adheres to agreed-upon mission/vision/purpose/objectives and
adjust these guiding statements as necessary.
- Ensure inclusion and equity in our internal work and external efforts.
- Membership of Steering Committee represents interests, perspectives and
opportunities reflected in our larger community.
- Ensure all coalition members, community partners and the general public are treated by
JSPC members with dignity and respect.

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join our steering committee.
Steering Committee members will:
- Stay informed of the coalition’s work in the community through attendance at coalition
meetings and review of monthly newsletter. Coalition meetings are the third Wednesday of every month from 3-4:30 pm.
- Provide input on the needs assessment process.
- Receive Suicide Prevention 101 training from a coalition staff person.
- Work with the entire coalition to create a strategic plan.
- Meet at least four times a year to review the strategic plan, monitor budget and review
the adherence to Steering Committee principles.
- Participate in coalition activities other than the Steering Committee.

An ideal candidate:
- Is willing to learn about suicide prevention work (no need to show up as an expert)
- Can dedicate 5hrs each month to coalition activities
- Is eager to engage with other community members
- Is committed to equity through inclusive practices
- Cares about individual and community health and wellness

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