The Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition is an active coalition of mental health/social service providers, educators, survivors, members of the faith community and law enforcement, Veteran’s advocates, concerned citizens, community groups, and others working to maintain community-wide suicide awareness and prevention in Juneau.



The Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition is committed to reducing the loss and suffering caused by suicide and suicidal behavior in Juneau. The Coalition offers information and education about issues relating to suicide, as well as support to families and community members who have lost loved ones to suicide. It is our hope that through our efforts we can lessen the incidence of suicide and the stigma associated with suicide and suicide loss.

Friends in Nature

We want to create a community where all individuals have a sense of belonging, connectedness to others, and value their lives.


Our Approach 

JSPC’s model for suicide prevention has four layers:



At the family level, suicide prevention is:

  • Meeting basic needs (food, water, shelter, safety)

  • Healthy communication

  • Cultivating resilience

  • Ensuring healthy attachment and positive childhood experiences



At the community level, suicide prevention is:

  • Understanding risk factors and warning signs of suicide

  • The freedom for individuals to express themselves openly

  • Knowledge of local resources

  • Robust peer support

Cold Mountians


At the institutional level, suicide prevention is:

  • Have staff trained in warning signs and risk factors

  • Programs to promote resiliency

  • Screen for risk, as necessary

  • Establish process for referrals to behavioral health providers

Image by Jay Mantri

Behavioral Health Providers

At the behavioral health level, suicide prevention is:

  • Fast and easy intake and assessment

  • Informed clinical staff

  • Proper clinical pathways for individuals at elevated suicide risk

  • Responsive crisis services


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