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JSPC provides educational programs designed to teach individuals in the community how to recognize the warning signs of suicide and respond effectively to varying age groups and audiences. Contact us to to create a collaborative presentation that promotes mental wellness with appreciation of multiple ways of knowing, healing, and lived experiences.

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Creating a Safe Environment 

JSPC provides gun locks and DETERRA drug deactivation kits free of charge.  Contact to learn more or place an order. 

Gun locks can save lives. Research shows that preventing access to highly lethal means of suicide can reduce deaths by suicide by up to 50 percent.

Drug deactivation kits are the safest, most effective choice used to destroy and properly dispose of unused, unwanted, and expired medications with the simple addition of tap water.

Order Resources 

All of our publications are complimentary. Please click below or email to order them.


  • Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition 

  • Postvention 

  • Means Reduction 

  • Seniors

  • LGBTQ+

  • Sudden Loss

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Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition

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